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A must-read for anybody who is fed up with generic management books peddled by people who have seemingly never managed a real human being!

"Aryeh is a great role model, leader, and manager. His ability to bring the theoretical into the practice is a rare talent." 

Joseph Mandelbaum, Former CEO Perion INC. 

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Who am I?

Aryeh Brickner is a seasoned manager of multiple large-scale international companies and has been responsible for the welfare and development of hundreds of employees. He is passionate about all topics related to management and leadership. 

Goal, strategies, and tactics are important but interpersonal relationships are even more so. This is a book written by a regular guy for regular people. No millionaires espousing their "genius", just practical advice on how to be a better manager and hopefully a better person. 


If you have a question about management, want me to speak and or train at your office, or just want to say hi, feel free drop me a line!

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